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Complaint Mechanism

Definition and scope 

In the process of participation, one of the important elements is the accountable grievance mechanisms. These mechanisms maintain two-way communication between the program implementer with parties who are potentially affected by program activities which will ultimately have an impact on the good quality standards program. 


In principle, the instruments used are instruments of The Partnership as set forth in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The emphasis, however, is on the involvement of high-level decision-makers to ensure certainty of settlement of the submitted complaints. 

The complaints mechanism needs to be known by the parties involved in the program since the early project was planned and it shall be easily accessible by the parties. Accessible here is defined as accessible in various ways (which are explicitly mentioned) and within a reasonable time and clarity. 

Stages and authorized personnel manage complaints mechanism should have been known since the beginning of the project plan, including the period of completion and response process complaints. The whole process of resolving these complaints should be documented so that the contents are known to both parties. The final decision must be recorded in the minutes agreed by both parties. 

It should be understood that the grievance mechanism does not rule out legal proceedings, if any. 

Minimum achievement List

1. A channel for complaints is available and uploaded on KEMITRAAN’s website.  

2. The assurance of reciprocal communication within a certain time span between the organizers of the program with the parties (especially those who are potentially) affected by the program. 

3. List and or report of complaint and its solution