Innovation in the Regions: A New Initiative for Kota Solok

31 Dec 2020

This second report complements the first report: Constraints and Opportunities for Civil Service Reform in Indonesia : Exploitation of a New Approach and Methodology. Its purpose is to describe a proposed pilot reform program in Kota Solok, West Sumatra. As mentioned in the Chapter 1 of the first report and in Annex 1, previous reforms at the regional level have tended to be narrow in scope since the constraints of the regulatory framework have not permitted local governments to address core machinery of government functions: organization, personnel and finance. The impact of these innovations is therefore limited. 

The suggested pilot for Kota Solok is more ambitions in that the Kota would indeed review its role, function, organization, staffing and financial management in an integrated fashion. This review would enable the Kota to develop and propose reforms in key areas in order to improve it efficiency and effectiveness and thereby enhance the delivery of services to its inhabitants. An important pre-requisite for the pilot is that Central Government would allow the Kota the flexibility to determine how best to: develop its organizational structure, reform personnel policies and make instrument compatible with the new organization; develop an appropriate financial and fiscal management system.