Fighting Corruption by The Grassroot

30 Dec 2020

In May 2010, Kemitraan and UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes) agreed to have a joint work to strengthen the capacity of grassroot CSOs in Indonesia in conducting campaign activities on anti corruption. This program is an integral part of a bigger program implemented by the UNDOC to strengthen the capacity of state and non state actors in combating corruption where the Norwegian government is the main donor. 

The main objective of this program is to increase the awareness and knowledge of the Indonesian public on anti corruption to prevent and eradicate corruption in Indonesia. Specifically, this small grant on anti corruption program has an objective to strengthen the capacity of grassroot CSOs in Indonesia in increasing the awareness and knowledge of the public on anti corruption movement. An umbrella program was then developed by Kemitraan with specific programmatic areas as in the following:

  1. Monitoring activities on government’s programs on corruption prevention and eradication in the natural resources sector such as mining and forestry; 
  2. Prevention of corruption practices in the public service such as health, education, local budget and law enforcement through the use of Freedom of Information Act and National Strategy on Access to Justice; 
  3. Public education and awareness raising on anti corruption; and 
  4. Promoting and monitoring of STRANAS PK 2010 – 2025 implementation. 

For the purpose of this program, a maximum grant of USD 30,000 was provided for 15 grassroot CSOs throughout Indonesia to implement a 10 to 12 months program with the objective of increasing the awareness of the public on anti corruption activities. A call for proposal was then announced by Kemitraan to invite grassroot CSOs to submit their best proposals to fill the 15 allocated slots. 101 proposals from Aceh to Papua were received on time by selection committee in Kemitraan while 19 others were received after the closing date of the call for proposal thus ineligible for further process.