Department of Defences Management Course Tier 2: Officials Prepared to be Unpopular

30 Nov 2016

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jakarta, August 6, 2007. Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia together with Education and Training Agency (Badiklat) from the Department of Defence (DoD) organized a workshop for the participants of the management course tier 2 2007, attended by echelon III officials from the Department of Defence on Monday, August 6, 2007.

The workshop held at the office of the Partnership was opened by its Executive Director Mohamad Sobary and closed by the deputy executive director, Piet Soeprijadi.

Also attending the event were Head of the Badiklat Major General Anton Herry, Head of the Centre for Management Education of the Badiklat First Marshall of the Air Force Boedi Sanyoto and Adrianus Meliala, Chief of Security and Justice Governance from the Partnership.

Mohamad Sobary expressed his pleasure that the DoD’s Badiklat has continued the first tier of the defence management leadership course for echelon III officials from the Department of Defence, which was initiated by the Partnership.

“We are very pleased that the Department of Defence and, in fact, the Minister himself has acknowledged the benefit of such activity that they are willing to continue the programme to the second tier,” said M. Sobary in his opening speech

The half-day course that was held for the second time by the Partnership and the Badiklat of the DoD presented success stories from officials who have taken risks by taking unpopular measures in order to reform their respective institutions.

These officials shared their experiences in enforcing good governance within each of their institutions; including the obstacles and challenges they have to address, and their strategies to accomplish their goals.

As stressed by the Head of National Land Agency (BPN), Joyo Winoto, officials are not supposed to seek personal gain for it will damage their own reform efforts.

Furthermore, Adrianus Meilala from the Partnership stated that the event was aimed at ‘baiting’ the attending officials to rise to the occasion and dare to take the risks to reform their institutions.

Today. For good.

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