Valina Singka Subekti

Head of Postgraduate Program of Political Studies at University of Indonesia & Former Commissioner of Election Commission
From early on, Valina Singka Subekti has led a life of busy schedule and never ending learning. She went to general elementary school in the morning and an Islamic one in the afternoon. Born in Singkawang, West Kalimantan and raised in Jakarta, she won an AFS student exchange scholarship and then studied politics at the University of Indonesia. Always an active student and the best graduate in her class, she went on to become active member of society as lecturer, researcher, and various public positions.
She was leading the Political Science Laboratorium of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences to create various researches, publications and political education during the upheaval year of 1998. Prior to the 1999 Election, the mother of three hosted a talk show called 'Wacana Pemilu' or the Election Discourse at one of national televisions to educate people about how to exercising their democratic rights. 
Her activity in Wanita Syarikat Islam, a woman organization, made her elected as a member of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) RI in 1999. After appointed as one of 11 members of the new General Election Commission (KPU) in 2001, she stepped down to concentrate more on her new job. 
After finishing her term at the KPU in 2007, during which she still managed to finish her doctoral degree from the University of Indoesia, she became the head the Political Science Post Graduate Programme, FISIP UI since 2008. In addition, the wife of dr. H. Imam Subekti is also a member of partners of the Partnership for Governance Reforms in indonesia, while kept busy as speakers in various discussions and seminars as well writing for different mass media.