Nurul Arifin

This 44 year old former actress may be regarded as a tangible manifestation of the success of one's personal and professional transformation. Nurul started her work as an actress who, during her heyday, was not only one of the most ‘sought after’ and commercial actresses, but she also received respect for her works as proven with five-time nominations for Piala Citra, the Indonesian film industry highest award. Today, the wife of senior journalist Mayong Suryolaksono successfully haas transformed and renewed herself and become a women's activist and politician with no less recognition and awards.
The initial step of the winner of the Young Global Leaders of the World Forum, Switzerland (2005) to switch her career began when she started volunteering for social works. "At the beginning, my involvement as an activist was driven by my desire to make my life more meaningful to others, especially people living with HIV, those with drug dependency or women victims of violence," said Nurul.
Since then, social advocacy activities have opened many doors for the artist who has been awarded with Artist Cares Aids and Drugs of the year from varied organizations. Shehas received scholarships from the Ford Foundation, becoming a member of the Union's Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia and a member of the House of Representatives 2009-2014 period.
In the world of Indonesian politics, women are not adequately represented in parliament. Therefore it comes as no surprise that only few policies produced that accommodate women's interests. “By plunging into politics, I hope that I can give more contribution to society, especially women, "said the former Lecturer of Political Science at the National University, Jakarta.