Eva Kusuma Sundari

Member of Parliament
Eva Kusuma Sundari is not an easily intimidated woman. She has her share of intimidations and pressure, particularly since her involvement in two divisive special committees in the parliament, namely the Century  and the Anti-Pornography Bill special committee. But she did not budge from her standpoint. Such staunch perhaps what makes her re-elected to the parliament for the 2009-2014 term from the Indonesian Democratic Strugle Party or PDI-Perjuangan representing East Java. 
Before becoming a member of the Indonesian parliament, Eva Sundari was active in women movement, NGO, and she was also a lecturer at Airlangga University in Surabaya. Today, the holder of master degree in development economic from the Universitas of Nottingham, United Kingdom is also kept busy with her membership in the Steering Comitte of Asean-Inter Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus (AIMPC), Human Right Parliamentary Caucus as well as other local women organization in Indonesia. In addition, the 39 year old woman has also been actively involved in the formulation of anti human traficking law, parliemantary law, etc.