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USAID Integritas


The USAID Indonesia Integrity Initiative (USAID INTEGRITAS) is a five-year, $10 million program implemented by KEMITRAAN in collaboration with Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), Transparency International-Indonesia (TI-I), and the Basel Institute on Governance. The program works closely with the Government of Indonesia (GoI), the private sector, and civil society institutions at the national level and in five provinces.

USAID INTEGRITAS supports the Government of Indonesia in its corruption prevention efforts through increased community engagement and the strengthening of a culture of integrity in both the public and private sectors.



Every year, corruption diverts millions of dollars of public funds into the pockets of individuals, accelerating environmental degradation and biodiversity loss. The United States and Indonesia are working together to prevent corruption by improving public oversight, expanding community engagement, and strengthening integrity in both the public and private sectors.


The goal of USAID INTEGRITAS is to support the Government of Indonesia in its corruption prevention efforts by increasing community engagement and strengthening a culture of integrity in both the public and private sectors. USAID INTEGRITAS seeks to increase the capacity and role of Indonesian civil society to partner more effectively and support the GoI’s key oversight institutions while ensuring adequate prevention and oversight mechanisms are in place in the public and private sectors. The program’s activities will be implemented in collaboration with key government and non-government actors to achieve these objectives.


The USAID INTEGRITAS program works closely with Indonesian government agencies, the private sector, and civil society at the national level and in USAID’s five priority provinces:

  • DKI Jakarta
  • North Sumatra
  • South Sulawesi
  • East Java
  • East Nusa Tenggara


Our Focus

USAID INTEGRITAS focuses on identifying, preventing, and managing conflicts of interest in natural resource-related licensing and procurement.
Program activities engage government agencies and SOEs, increasing private and public sector awareness and oversight.

Improving Policies That Can Reduce Conflicts of Interest

Enhanced Prevention Mechanism

Provide technical assistance to Indonesian government agencies in the development of policy frameworks and implementation, supported by new instruments to identify conflicts of interest and public awareness campaigns on public participation in corruption prevention.

Private Sector Engagement

Enhance the integrity and engagement of the private sector in anti-corruption activities through collective action, increased ability to implement anti-corruption safeguards, and increased dialogue with the GoI and civil society organizations.

Political and Campaign Financing

Increase political transparency through new information technology tools, monitoring, and advocacy to increase state subsidies and reporting obligations.

Improving Public Education, Awareness, and Participation

Ways and Mechanisms of Public Oversight

Improve public access to information, enhance public oversight, and strengthen public demand for accountability.

Increased Public Participation

Increase key community participation through formal and informal anti-corruption education, efforts to motivate public participation and engagement in oversight, and mechanisms to encourage reporting.