Rifqi Sjarief Assegaf

Program Director for Justice, Anti-Corruption and Human Right

Rifqi Sjarief Assegaf has been involved in the field of legal and judicial reform and anti-corruption since 1999. He earned a Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia and a Master's and PhD in law from the University of Melbourne with the support of ADS and AAS scholarships. Rifqi began his career by serving as Executive Secretary, and later, Executive Director at the Institute for Study and Advocacy for Judicial Independence (1999-2007), an NGO in the field of judicial reform which he was involved in, and often collaborated with the Indonesian Supreme Court in pushing for institutional reform. In 2005, he received The Asia Foundation 50th Anniversary Award in Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Law Reform in Indonesia. Before being appointed as Program Director of Democratic Justice Governance and Regionalization at Partnership (2021), Rifqi served as Head of the Study Division at the Legal Mafia Eradication Task Force (PMH Task Force) which was formed by President SBY (2010-2011), and then became Assistant Head of the Unit The President's work in the field of Supervision and Control of Development or UKP-PPP (2012-2014) where he helped oversee programs such as the preparation of STRANAS PPK and Inpres PPK, reform of penitentiary institutions, and strengthening the legislative system. He is also often involved as a consultant and collaborates with international institutions, writes articles for journals and chapter books, and teaches part time at STHI Jentera.