Component Manager 1 (Reduce Conflict of Interest) for Anti-Corruption Program

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I.  Position Information
Post Title:  Component Manager 1 (Reduce Conflict of Interest) for Anti-Corruption Program
Duration  of contract: One  year (can be extended into 5 years contract).
Supervisor:  Chief of Party

II. Organizational Context
KEMITRAAN seeks  candidates for the  role  of Component Manager 1 (Reduce  Conflict of Interest)  on  an  anticipated anti-corruption program. This program aims  to  support Indonesia in corruption prevention efforts,  the  strengthening of civic engagement, and the  strengthening of a culture  of integrity,  particularly  in procurement and  licensing  in the  marine/fisheries and  forestry  sectors, at national and  targeted local levels,  through several  approaches:
•    Providing   technical  assistance  on   COI  policy   frameworks  and   implementation, supported by  new  tools   to  identify  COI,  and   public   awareness campaigns that effectively address key factors  in the public’s continued participation in corruption.
•     Enhancing private    sector  integrity    and    anti-corruption  engagement   through collective action,  enhanced capacity to  implement anti-corruption safeguards, and increased dialogue with GOI and  CSOs.
•     Enhancing political   transparency  through  a   new   campaign  finance    database, monitoring, and  advocacy to increase state subsidies and  reporting obligations.
•    Improving    public    access   to    information,   enhancing   citizen    oversight,  and strengthening public  ability to demand accountability.
•     Enhancing the    participation   of   key   communities  through   an   expansion   of anticorruption education through formal  and  informal  educational channels, efforts to  motivate public  participation and  engagement, and  mechanisms to  encourage reporting.
Component manager will be  supervised by Chief  of Party  and  working  together with MEL  Specialist,  Communication  Specialist  and   Deputy  of   Chief.   For   component manager of IR 1, she/he is going to ensure the  effective  use  of research of the  political, social,  and  economic situation on policy making  process related to Conflict of Interest, which   focuses   on    COI   in   procurement   and    licensing    in   targeted   institutions government, SOE’s and  the private  sector.

III. Functions / Key Results Expected
Summary of Key Functions:
-   Programmatic strategic direction and  operation
-   Project  design and  formulation
-   Project  management and  implementation
-    Prepare  substantive inputs   of  the   project  document  development,  strategic partners program, annual  work plan,  and  other relevant activities  to support the implementation and  achievement of the program goals.
-   Strategic partnership and  networking

IV. Impact of Results
The key results  have  an impact  on the successful and  timely implementation of activities within the  program. In particular, the  key results  have  an impact  on the  design quality, proposal development appropriateness, project document development and management oversight about program implementation and  organizational vision and mission.

V. Competencies
Corporate Responsibility & teamwork:
-   Serves  and  promotes the vision, mission,  values,  and  strategic goals  of the Partnership
-   Demonstrates integrity  by modeling professional values and  ethical  standards
-   Displays cultural,  gender, religion,  race,  nationality  and  age  sensitivity and adaptability
-   Plans, prioritizes, and  delivers  tasks on time
-   Participates effectively in a team-based,  information-sharing environment, collaborating and  cooperating with others
People Skills:
-    Sets clear performance goals  and  standards; executes responsibilities accordingly
Partnering & Networking:
-    Seeks  and  applies knowledge, information, and  best practices from within and outside the Partnership
-   Plans and  produces quality results  to meet established goals
-   Innovation & Judgment
-   Contributes creative, practical ideas  and  approaches to deal  with challenging situations Strives for quality client-centered services  (internal/external)
-   Demonstrates effective  written  and  oral communication skills
-   Demonstrates good negotiations skills
Job Knowledge & Expertise
-   Executes day-to-day tasks systematically & efficiently
-   Uses Information Technology effectively as a tool and  resource
-   Familiar with data warehouse and  its maintenance
-   Is motivated & demonstrates a capacity to pursue personal development & learn

VI. Recruitment Qualifications
Education:    Minimum  Master  degree on  relevant fields  (e.g  law, public policy,  politic).  Bachelor  degree with significant  experience is welcome to apply.
Experience:    At least  eight   year’s experience in program management, facilitation     and     participatory   research,   five    years    of experience in project management at  mid  to  senior  level; five  years   of  specialized  experience  working   with  CSOs and/or government agencies;  Wide  network  with regard to anti-corruption, bureaucratic reform,  natural   resources and private   business  policies;   Experience  working   with international donors, especially USAID, preferred.
Strong   understanding of  current socio-political conditions with  regard to  anti-corruption, bureaucratic reform,  natural resources, environment, good governance and  civil society organizations in Indonesia. Strong  skills in civil society oversight,  public    education  campaigns,  policy   analysis, report writing,  presentation, and  good skills in the  use  of ICT; clear commitment to governance reform.
Language Requirements:    Fluency in written  and  spoken English and Bahasa  Indonesia

To apply for this position please submit your CV and other supporting documents as required using this link no later than February 16, 2022.  Please see/download the detailed TOR below.  Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.

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