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Adaptation Fund Project – Pekalongan


Adaptation measures taken in Pekalongan City to address climate change issues are somewhat under-evaluated due to the absence of a comprehensive climate risk assessment. Complex issues such as climate change require comprehensive measures to effectively address the root causes. Given that most risks arise from changes in climate indicators, it is important to develop a climate risk assessment before intervening with different projects so that project outcomes can be traced back to the initial level of risk.

The proposed program seeks to bridge this gap by applying a comprehensive approach that includes technical assessments, planning, interventions, and monitoring and evaluation. This set of activities will be supported by a framework and measures to strengthen institutional mechanisms on climate adaptation and resilience issues. In practical terms, the program components will start with identifying root causes (climate risk assessment) and continue with the development and implementation of adaptation plans (in the form of intervention projects) whose results can be traced back to the problem. Additionally, efforts to build stakeholder capacity and advocate for climate resilience policies will coincide with the program.

This program will focus on building resilience to the impacts of climate change in Pekalongan City, one of the coastal cities in Central Java Province (in the North Coast of Java region), by intervening in both hard structures and soft structures. This means addressing not only physical interventions but also building socio-economic and institutional capacity.


This project is specifically designed to build the resilience of coastal cities to the impacts of climate change and natural disasters, with a special focus on adaptation actions that favor the poor and involve and benefit the most vulnerable communities in the city.

We believe that the key to doing so is to increase the capacity of coastal communities to implement climate change adaptation actions. This will be achieved through three key actions:
(1) Protect
(2) Sustain
(3) Conserve


  1. Restoration of natural protection to increase resilience from flood hazards and risk exposure and vulnerability by restoring mangrove ecosystems and increasing protection of coastal areas where gaps remain. – [Action to Protect
  2. Development of a Climate Change Information System based on various datasets related to climate change indicators in various areas in Pekalongan City. The aim is to develop resilient livelihood strategies, incorporating formal scientific data and relevant local knowledge and wisdom. – [Maintain Action];
  3. Engagement and engagement of local and city government stakeholders in developing Local Climate Adaptation Action Plans and implementing climate smart actions. The proposed program will conduct capacity building activities for local government and city stakeholders to develop Plans and to implement climate smart actions. – [[Sustaining Action];
  4. Mainstreaming climate change adaptation and resilience into the development plan of Central Java Province, which will lead to better climate-related policies in climate financing and bottom-up planning. – [Action Preserve];
  5. Strengthen vertical coordination and collaboration between central and local governments in the context of climate adaptation and enrich coastal resilience knowledge, tools and methodologies for the central government. – [Action Preserve].


The project is implemented in Pekalongan City, Central Java Province.
Status: Implementer
Funded by : Adaptation Fund
Duration : Dec 23, 2020 – Dec 31, 2022
Budget : USD $5,972,670
Managed by : Sustainable Governance Strategic (SGS) Unit