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Adaptation Fund – Bulukumba


The Ammatoa Kajang Indigenous Community occupies a customary area of 22,592.87 hectares located in 4 sub-districts, covering 36 villages, with a total population of 48,411 people (BPS Bulukumba, 2016). The area consists of three watershed landscapes, namely: Baonto, Apparang and Raowa watersheds. Due to the impacts of climate change, the area experiences problems such as:

  • Flooding
  • Water scarcity/drought
  • Sea water intrusion
  • Landslides

Overall, the risks and hazards in the indigenous territories of the Ammatoa Kajang Customary Area to the impacts of climate change have affected 22,592.87 Ha, located in 4 sub-districts, covering 36 villages and affecting 48,925 residents in the region. With estimated losses: from flooding Rp. 6,314,000,000 per year, drought Rp. 64,016,000,000, and sea water intrusion Rp. 28,280,000,000. In total, IDR 98,610,000,000 per year.


Overall, the main objective is to increase climate resilience and build adaptive capacity to climate change for vulnerable communities through sustainable integrated watershed governance in the Indigenous Community of Ammatoa Kajang Customary Area in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi Province.


The 14 villages of the program location were selected by considering the aspects of integration (Source, Pathway and Recipient) of 3 watersheds in the Indigenous Community of Ammatoa Kajang Customary Area of Bulukumba Regency, namely Raowa watershed (4,431 Ha), Apparang watershed (23,594 Ha) and Baonto watershed (9,930 Ha).

Status: Grant Manager
Funded by: Adaptation Fund
Partner/Executor: PERKUMPULAN PAYO PAYO; OASE (Organization on Social and Environmental issues)
Duration: Dec 23, 2020 – Dec 31, 2022
Budget: USD$ 1,125,015
Managed by: Sustainable Governance Strategic Unit (SGS)