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Three Biggest Threats to Rule of Law in Asia Pacific

Jakarta, 8 December 2022 - Chief Justice of the Indonesian Supreme Court, Muhammad Syarifuddin and Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej,… Read More

Indonesia Hosts the Asia Pacific Justice Forum 2022: Conference to…

Jakarta, 7 December 2022 - Some of the region’s most pressing rule of law issues will be discussed at the Asia Pacific… Read More

Preventing Corruption by Involving Youth to Better Understand Democracy

Surabaya, August 26 – KEMITRAAN through USAID Indonesia Integrity Initiative (INTEGRITAS) programme, collaborating with… Read More

Strengthening the State's Commitment to Realizing Protection for…

Jakarta, 27 Januari 2022 – Human rights defenders continue to be under pressure. Particularly civil society… Read More