KEMITRAAN Strategic Plan 2022-2026

27 Dec 2022
KEMITRAAN Strategic Plan 2022-2026

KEMITRAAN was established to promote and institutionalize good and democratic governance in Indonesia. The purpose of this Strategic Plan 2022-2026 is to outline the key approaches, priorities, and recommend outcomes for KEMITRAAN together with how the KEMITRAAN business model and organization need to evolve into the future. 

This Strategic Plan is built on KEMITRAAN’s unique capacity to respond to changes in the context of changing governance dynamics as well as challenges in resource mobilization. Governance reform in Indonesia has achieved a number of progress. Nevertheless, there are still remaining agendas to attain, not to mention an increase of reform setbacks. Further, there is a need for the government to continue the governance reforms and at the same time respond to urgent issues, such as climate change. 

This Strategic Plan also advocates expanding KEMITRAAN’s role beyond Indonesia as part of wider efforts to support Indonesia’s projection of soft power and to share Indonesian experiences with friendly countries. The new Strategic Plan ensures KEMITRAAN remains relevant, viable, and effective, to generate and lead meaningful governance reform in Indonesia and support such reform in Southeast Asia and beyond during the next five years. KEMITRAAN will continue to bring together the right people, ideas, and resources to face these challenges and make a difference for the betterment of Indonesia.


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