Police-Donor Coordination Meeting: Reinforce Reform Commitment

30 Nov 2016

Monday, September 6, 2010

Jakarta, August 9, 2007. The Partnership, in cooperation with the National Police, initiated a meeting to discuss which measures to take in reforming the police force. The meeting will take place with varied donor institutions and countries in the Mobile Brigade (Brimob) headquarters at Kelapa Dua on Thursday, August 9, 2007.

The event will be opened by the Brimob Commander Police General Inspector Sylvanus Wenas, and the Partnership’s Executive Director Mohamad Sobary.

Scheduled to attend the event are representatives from embassies such as Australia, British, Japan, Spain, France, the United States, the Netherlands and Canada, in addition to such institutions as ICRC, JICA, UNDP, the Asia Foundation, the World Bank, AFP, GTZ and ICMC.

This meeting is the second one held at the Brimob headquarters – the first was held in 2003.

The main objective of the Partnership in organising such an event is to realize one of their mandates to coordinate meetings with donors in various areas,including, security-police reform.

Though the Partnership has previously organized a meeting in 2003, it organised a repeat event because many of the donor countries and institutions are still unfamiliar with ongoing police reform.

Brimob, particularly under the leadership of Police Inspector General Wenas, is one of the institutions under the National Police that has high commitment to self-reform.

The Partnership also sees this meeting as a necessary measure to provide more balanced information to donors, and the public at large, on the often misunderstood role played by Brimob..

Due to its paramilitary nature, Brimob has often become the scapegoat for many accusations of human rights violations, regardless the situation and background of the actual mishap.

It is hoped that opening its headquarters and providing transparent information about its performance can reduce, if not eliminate, the misunderstandings concerning Brimob’s role as one crucial element in maintaining society’s safety and security.

On the other hand, this event is also expected to renew the commitment of Brimob and the National Police Force to continue its reform and allow an opportunity for other concerned parties, particularly donors, to support its implementation.