Executive Board

The Executive Board - as of 2016


Felia Salim, Former Vice President Director of PT Bank Negara Indonesia/BNI


Vice Chairperson:

Farouk Muhammad, Vice Chairman of the Regional Representatives Council/DPD & Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice System at University of Indonesia and Police Sciences College



Agus Widjojo, Governor of the National Defense Agency (Lemhanas) & Senior Fellow CSIS & Board of Advisors, Institute for Peace and Democracymber of Parliament
Eva Kusuma Sundari, Member of Parliament (2010-2014)
Nurul Arifin, Member of Parliament (2010-2014)
Petrus Turang, Archbishop, Kupang Archdiocese, NTT
Valina Singka Subekti, Head of Post-Graduate Program of Political Studies at University of Indonesia & Member of the General Election Organizers Ethics Council (DKPP RI)


The responsibilities of the Executive Board

  1. Management of the Partnership and representing it both in and outside the courts of law.
  2. Ensuring that the affairs and assets of the Partnership are managed properly.
  3. Determination of policy, rules, regulations and by-laws of the Partnership, including procedures for recruitment of staff, budget and other financial management, providing these are in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association.
  4. Appointment and or dismissal of the auditors of the Partnership.
  5. Approval of the work program and draft annual budget of the Partnership.
  6. Submission of progress reports to the Partners.
  7. Approval/recruitment/dismissal of the Executive Director.
  8. Constitute and dissolve committees, working groups and other supporting units considered necessary to implement Partnership activities and attain the aims and objectives of the Partnership.
  9. Members of the Executive Board may not serve as either Executive Director or a member of the Executive Office.