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Call for Proposal: Event Organizer Firm TCI

 Event Organizer Firm to Assist KEMITRAAN in conducting

Policy Dialogue Forum of

“The Future of Indonesia’s Climate Change Policy”

Think Climate Indonesia October 2023

Think Climate Indonesia (TCI) is a three-year partnership between International Development Research Centre, Canada and five Indonesian Think Tank (Kemitraan / Partnership for Governance Reform, WRI Indonesia, Yayasan KotaKita, Pattiro and Kaleka Indonesia) to increase relevant data and evidence generation, to deepen research capacity and strengthen policy engagement and to seed change coalitions under the issue of climate change.

In accordance with their function in governance, civil society actors can play a role in advocating and empowering. In the framework of evidence-based advocacy, since 2021 to 2023 each of TCI think tank conducted five of climate change research that can be contributed to the provision of relevant data dan evidence generation

  • Kemitraan / Partnership for Governance Reform developed IGI-Climate Resilience and Climate Budget Tagging in Aceh, Central Java, D.I Yogyakarta, East Kalimantan and Central Sulawesi.
  • WRI Indonesia conducted Synergizing Food Security with Forest Conservation: Preliminary Insights from Social Forestry Implementation In Riau
  • Yayasan KotaKita developed Climate Food print in Indonesian Cities Research: Studies from Jakarta and Solo Raya
  • Pattiro conducted Forest and Land Rehabilitation Research: Implications for Climate Mitigation and Farmers’ Local Livelihoods in East Kalimantan Province.
  • Kaleka Indonesia provided Sustainable Agroforestry Practices for Achieving Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change Research. The Cases of Four Provinces: Nusa Tenggara Timur, Jambi, Papua Barat, Sulawesi Tenggara.

Based on these findings, it is important for the 5 institutions to disseminate the findings in a policy dialogue forum (TCI Forum) at the national level. The dialogue that brought together five institutions with high-level decision-makers at the national level, sub-national level, politicians, youth, academician, and media aims to ensure that climate change action will continue to be a priority for the incoming government.

Objective of the event

  1. To provide references to the national government, sub-national government and the public regarding the implementation of climate change action which include its governance issue, financing issue and sectoral issue.
  2. To encourage the current climate change policies and actions to be continued by stakeholders who will be participating in the 2024 election (youth politicians/party representatives/success team).
  3. To emphasize the importance of the think tank organization as a strategic partner for the new government as a collaborator for policy development, implementation and evaluation.

Output of the event

  • The research results from KEMITRAAN/Partnership for Governance Reform, WRI Indonesia, Pattiro, Kota Kita Foundation and Kaleka are disseminated
  • The collaborative position paper of Think Climate Indonesia is disseminated to stakeholders who will be involved in the 2024 election (young politicians/party representatives/campaigner team).

KEMITRAAN is seeking proposals from qualified and experienced organizations/service providers with experience in conducting as described in this TOR attached.

Should you be interested in providing this service, please send your proposal to email:  cc to: on 15 September 2023 at 17.00 PM (Jakarta time) at the latest.