Support Program for Electoral Advancement and Reform (SPEAR)

Brief Overview

An emerging problem in the electoral process, which in the 2009 elections, resulted in the poor management of the electoral process due to the incompetence of the Electoral Management Bodies, is the politicization of the selection process for KPU/D members, compromising its independence. Additionally, with reformasi, the Indonesian party system has embarked on a journey toward democracy as an agency of representation. However, some political parties have remained resorted to money politics and have left their organization to the devices of capital owning businessmen. This phenomenon of party acquisition by businessmen has in effect turned political recruitment and decision making within the party system away from the intended democratic culture and practice. Hence, Kemitraan supports the effort of electoral reform and political party transformation through improving the electoral management and promote institutional transparency, accountability and outreach function of political parties.


In this project, Kemitraan is working with the KPU (Indonesia’s electoral management body) to strengthen the professionalism and accountability of this electoral management body. In political party transformation, Kemitraan is working with various civil society organizations to promote financial independence in political parties to ensure institutional transparency, accountability, and self-sufficiency as well as provide support in the enhancement of constituency intermediary and outreach function of political parties.


Main Achievements/Milestones

Presidential Decree on the Organizational Structure for KPU was completed and submitted to the DPR and Kemenpan. Kemitraan has already finished developing the recommended KPU structure which has ‘kaya fungsi miskin struktur’ as a principle. In December 2012, KPU had accepted the recommendation. Perludem has produced a policy brief as advocacy material for the amendment of the local election law. Advocacy is aimed at the implementation of simultaneous local elections (Pilkada serentak).


On political party transformation, a study on political parties’ internal regulation on party finances has contributed significantly in providing comprehensive overview on how funds are spent and how parties manage their funds. Such review is also being connected to the state of transparency and accountability of political party’s recruitment process for cadres. It is expected for this study can be further utilized by political parties in responding to the Law No. 2 Year 2011 on Political parties, particularly on the mandatory disclosure of their funds, as well as their mandatory function of developing a systematic recruitment process.


Project name : Support Program for Electoral Advancement and Reform (SPEAR)
Source of funds : The Netherlands, Denmark
Project duration : December 2009 – July 2014
Geographical focus : National, Aceh, Yogyakarta
Implementing partner(s) :

Kemitraan untuk Integritas dan Tata Pembaharuan, Strategic Transformation Institute, Manikaya Kaya Foundation (YMK), Indonesian Parliamentary Center (IPC), Perkumpulan untuk Pemilu dan Demokrasi (Perludem)/  The Association for Elections and Democracy, Komite Pemantau Legislatif (Kopel)

Beneficiaries : The National House of Representatives (DPR-RI), The General Election Commission (KPU), Political Parties, Electorates (constituents)
Responsible KemitraanOfficer : Setio Soemeri
Email :

Responsible KemitraanUnit : Security and Justice Governance (SJG)