• Defined the formula for the allocation of the National Budget to the regions (Law No. 22 & 25/1999).
  • upported deliberation of the draft Law on Governing of Aceh, Yogyakarta’s Special Status, Provincial Bylaw (Perdasi No. 4/2005) on the selection of members of Papua People’s Assembly (MRP), and the special Provincial Regulation (Perdasus) on adat courts.
  • Bureaucratic reform/best practices implemented in Kebumen, Solok, Gorontalo and Yogyakarta.
  • The Grand Strategy for Regional Administrative Arrangement, including the evaluations of the proliferation of regions, was adopted by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Development of Autonomy Awards in the regions.
  • The Partnership Governance Index in 33 provinces and the public service index in the pilot area of Yogyakarta.
  • The establishment of Ombudsman commissions at both national and local levels.