SIAP II (System Integrity and Accountability Program)

Brief Overview

SIAP II Program extension (2013 - 2014) was conducted as the response to USAID’s Annual Program Statement by Kemitraan aiming to contribute to good governance and economic growth in Indonesia as mainstreaming integrity and accountability principle in the public governance and budget policy in Indonesia government. It was funded by AUSAID by collaboration work with consortium partners such as Budget Transparency (SEKNAS FITRA), Association for Women in Small Business Assistance (ASPPUK), Institute for Press Development and Studies (LSPP), and TIRI. The goal of the program is to develop the capacity of Civil Society Organizations, marginalized women groups, media, and academics in mainstreaming integrity and accountability principle of government-run social welfare programs focusing on the areas of health, education, and population administration. To achieve those goals, the four main components should be realized were strengthening civil society’s capacity in persuading public service policy, enhancing communities’ capacity in conducting oversight of government public service, enhancing civil society organization’s capacity in monitoring the budgetary of public service policy, and increasing the more effective and synergistic coordination among partners.


Main Achievements/Milestones

In order to achieve those three main components, initial phase SIAP II (2010-2012) conducted series of capacity building to marginalized women group in district; campaign to persuade public service policy; publication; technical assistance and advocacy to citizens groups, women groups, village forums; SMS journalism training to media/journalists; national seminar with Ombudsman of Republic of Indonesia; Fellowship coverage of public service (education, healthy, and population administration) for media/journalist and academics through village meetings, workshops, trainings, public lectures, and many others. By those applied activities, SIAP II Program has achieved some results as planned such as the capacity improvement to influence public service in health, education and civil administration; capacity improvement to journalist to monitor public service participatory; capacity enhancement of CSO to oversee the public service budget; and the strategy consolidation of capacity building and effective project implementation.


Project name : SIAP II (System Integrity and Accountability Program)
Source of funds : USAID
Project duration : 9 June 2010 – 8 August 2012
Geographical focus : Pontianak (West Kalimantan), Karo (North Sumatra), Kupang (East Nusa Tenggara), Klaten (Central Java), Banda Aceh (Nangroe Aceh Darussalam)
Project partner(s) :


Beneficiaries : CSOs, civil societies, journalist, media, and universities
Responsible KemitraanOfficer : Natalia Herawati
Email :
Responsible Kemitraan Unit : Decentralization, Bureaucratic Reform, and PS Government