Reform of The Reformers – RTR

Brief Overview

RTR is a continuation of the INSPIRE project that was designed to assist the Vice President in an effort to reform the public sector. The purpose of the project is to provide policy advice to the Vice President in leading whole-of-government bureaucratic reform, to provide strategic planning and management advice to members of the Committee for Guiding Bureaucratic Reform on changing systems and frameworks of government. RTR also assists KemenPAN-RB to carry out strategic, effective, and immediate changes in KemenPAN-RB and other ministries and government institutions in order to meet the Government of Indonesia’s outcomes in bureaucratic reform. Bureaucratic reform involves major transformational change that may impact policies, programs and services across ministries, state agencies at national and sub-national levels.


Main Achievements/Milestones

Specifically, Kemitraan supports the Vice President in providing the required administrative and the management, such as initiating a greater role for Research and Development (Balitbang) and General Inspector (Itjen) in prouding feedback mechanism institution of policies implementation, especially for bureaucracy reform. Together with the Ministry of PAN-RB, internal reform has been done including compiling official performance appraisal and building capacity of human resources in the field of accountability performance. In addition, on external reform, developing integrity zone by engaging 159 state agencies, restructuring ministries and national institutions, providing input in drafting RUU of Civil State Apparatus (ASN), formulating organizational structuring team of ministries and agencies, and conducting job analysis as well as load analysis. Kemitraan also launched public campaign to raise public awareness on bureaucratic reform.


Project name : Reform of The Reformers – RTR
Source of funds : Australia
Project duration : March 2012 - March 2013
Geographical focus : National
Implementing Partners :

The Ministry for Empowerment of Civil State Apparatus & Bureaucracy Reform (KEMENPAN-RB)

Beneficiaries : Civil state apparatus
Responsible Kemitraan Officer : Cucu Suryaman
Email :
Responsible Kemitraan Unit : Democratic and Justice Governance (DJG)