REDD + Partnership Low Carbon Development Pathways

Brief Overview

Indonesia’s Green House Gas emissions are the third largest than any nation. Deforestation on forests and peat land contributes 85 percent of Indonesia’s emissions. Kemitraan is committed to contribute significant reduction in greenhouse gas emission from deforestation, forest degradation and peat land conversion through conducting a policy dialogue on international climate change policy, in particular international policy on REDD+, and collaboration in supporting the development and implementation of Indonesia’s REDD+ strategy.


The program purpose is to intensify multi-stakeholders engagement in the implementation of REDD+ and low carbon development pathways at national and sub national level in Central Kalimantan.


With CLUA support, Kemitraan will continue its facilitation roles in mobilizing its network of resources and knowledge to create opportunities that would narrow the gap of knowledge and subsequently build stronger base of engagement in forest and climate governance, especially in following up national and international commitments on reducing emissions. Kemitraan and its partners are keen to conduct all of proposed activities to pursue equality of rights and access to participate in addressing forest and climate challenges


Main Achievements/Milestones

Kemitraan has implemented the following activities: completion of planning and implementation of concept (TOR) for stakeholders analysis in Central Kalimantan (involving discussions with government, private sector, donors, researchers and CSOs); implementation of stakeholders analysis through desk study, semi-structured interviews, focus group discussions in Palangkaraya and Kapuas, and produced video documentation for verification. Other activities include: provision of small grants for research and analysis on forest-tenure and licenses, planning and coordination session for SMS-gateway and micro-blogging (hand held smart phone) application for forest monitoring in Central Kalimantan, Training of Trainers how to socialize the Mitra 1.0 to the potential facilitators for communities, try out sessions in Katingan, Kapuas and Seruyan. Kemitraan also conducted workshops for “Development of System Mitra 1.0 in supporting Monitoring and Implementation of REDD+ in Central Kalimantan Province” and “The readiness of the Indigenous People in facing the Climate Change through Free Prior Informed and Consent (FPIC) in related with REDD+ Implementation at Central Kalimantan Province”.


Project name : REDD + Partnership Low Carbon Development Pathways
Source of funds : Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA)
Project duration : 15 November - 30 November 2012
Geographical focus : Central Kalimantan
Implementing Partners :

Central Kalimantan Provincial Government, AMAN, Mitra Lingkungan Hidup, Pokker SHK, YCI, YPB, SIEJ, PT Rimba Makmur Utama, Palangkaraya University

Beneficiaries : Local CSO, Local Government, University, Media
Responsible Kemitraan Officer : Hasbi Berliani
Email :
Responsible Kemitraan Unit : Sustainable Development Governance (SDG)