ProRep (Program Representasi)

Brief Overview

ProRep is a program designed to increase the effectiveness of representative groups and institutions in Indonesia, and in doing so bolster both democracy and good governance. ProRep’s two overarching objectives are to improve representation by increasing the inclusiveness and effectiveness of groups, networks, and institutions that seek to express people’s views, interests and aspirations to government; and to improve the responsiveness, effectiveness and transparency of legislative processes. As part of the consortium lead by Chemonics International, Kemitraan supports the implementation of the USAID’s Program Representasi (ProRep). ProRep represents an exciting opportunity to strengthen Indonesia’s still nascent democracy by helping CSOs better represent citizen needs to policy-makers; improving policy research by CSOs, universities, and think tanks; and helping Indonesia’s parliament become more representative, transparent, and effective. In this context, Kemitraan supports the program in the enhancement of Indonesia’s parliaments to become more effective, responsive and transparent.


Main Achievements/Milestones

Some activities to support the overall achievements have been conducted such as mapping study of constituency outreach to serve as a supporting document to design ProRep’s Constituency Outreach Program. In this content, Kemitraan contributed in the third component in the enhancement of Indonesia’s parliaments to become more effective, responsive and transparent through an initiative called JABAT (Jangkau dan Libatkan). Main purpose of Jabat is to improve the way member of parliament interact and engage with the constituents so that they can understand the needs of their constituents and better represent their interests in the legislature.


Project name : ProRep (Program representasi)
Source of funds : Chemonics International Inc. (USA)
Project duration : June 2011 – September 2014
Geographical focus : National
Implementing partners :

Chemonics International (U.S.) in consortium with Kemitraan, Social Impact (U.S. small business) and Urban Institute (U.S. think tank).

Beneficiaries : CSOs, universities, think tanks, and Indonesia’s parliament
Responsible Kemitraan Officer : Setio Soemeri
Email :
Responsible Kemitraan Unit : Democratic and justice Governance