Pro-Poor Planning, Budgeting & Monitoring (P3BM)

Brief Overview

The objective of this activity is to improve poverty targeting of local government expenditures and local government responsiveness to community needs through the scale-up and institutionalization of the P3BM program. P3BM is a set of practical tools and instruments that local government officials can use to ensure and assess that local budgets and plans are pro-poor and sensitive to socio-economic inequalities and that can be used to track the execution of such plans. By using MDGs as benchmark, is it also expected that the tools could help Indonesia to accelerate the achievement toward MDGs. The underlying development assumption is that the availability and use of reliable evidence and data can make planning decisions more pro-poor and responsive to local needs.

Several activities implemented to achieve the goal include conducting national training and provincial cascade training (ToT) for master trainers, training and technical assistance for provinces, and organizing P3BM clinics. The national training aims to prepare the trainers in national level which will be equiped with knowledge and skill to train in provincial level. The ToTs will train 330 participants in all provinces in Indonesia. These people will be trainer of P3BM which will be equiped with adequate knowledge, skill and modules to replicate P3BM tools in the targeted provinces. Provincial trainers generally consist of provincial Bappeda, NGO and regional university staff. The P3BM clinic will provide technical assistance (but no funding) for district governments that have adopted the P3BM approach, managing P3BM related requests and questions from province and districts. Their function would be to support the province and their respected districts requests on P3BM trainings and conduct necessary advocacy to relevant local government and legislative with regard to improvement in local budget allocation towards pro-poor activities.


Main Achievements/Milestones

This project is still in the early phase and has succeeded in conducting local dissemination, training and launching of MDGs database in Gresik, Gunung Kidul, Tegal and DI Yogyakarta, provincial dissemination of P3BM and training in YSR Province, tripartite monthly coordination meeting in P3BM Office, printing P3BM manual book and participating in the National Musrenbang Expo 2013.


Project name : Pro-Poor Planning, Budgeting and Monitoring (P3BM)
Source of funds : PSF - World Bank
Project duration : January 2013 – December 2014
Geographical focus : 15 provinces
Implementing partners :


Beneficiaries : 15 provincial governments
Responsible Kemitraan Officer : Diah Ayu Hidayati (Cindy)
Position   Project Manager
Email :
Responsible Kemitraan Unit : Democratic & Justice Governance (DJG)