Our Capacity


As part of our commitment for continuous improvement of our business processes, we revised and upgraded our policy manual, our quality objectives, 38 standard operating procedures and 63 supporting documents such as work instructions, guidelines, standards forms and templates. These efforts resulted in us receiving ISO 9001:2008 certifications from SAI Global.


In addition to this, in mid-2012, Kemitraan received a Management Award from PPM Management Jakarta, for innovation, achievement, business model development and good corporate governance. These two awards mark our institutional growth and consolidation and provide independent recognition of our capacity, beyond the endorsements of those who work closely with us.


In 2012, Kemitraan delivered USD 14 million in funding, around 40 percent higher than in 2011. This is a new record in our history, the highest amount we have ever disbursed. The ratio of program costs to operating costs is 92 percent:8 percent. This 8 percent for operating costs is much lower than the benchmark of 13-16 percent for similar organizations.


The total funds received during 2012 was USD 12.55 million contributed by various donors, including the private sector, universities, international institutions and donor countries. Kemitraan has also been managing regional programs in Southeast Asia through the IKAT (Inisiatif Kemitraan Asia Tenggara) program funded by USAID, involving regional partners from Malaysia, Timor-Leste, The Philippines, Cambodia and Indonesia, further evidence that donors are confident in Kemitraan’s ability to effectively manage large funds and more complex programs. The total donor contributions from 2000 to 2012 is USD 112,705,649.



In 2012, purchases of goods and services increased by 60 percent over the previous year. Despite this growth in the volume of our work, we were able to maintain high quality standards and compliance. Establishing long-term agreements with vendors has contributed to the increasing quality and timeliness of support services.

Procurement Figures 2012 2011 2010
Total procurement USD 1,544,895 USD 963,060 USD 488,578
Total number of purchase order 522 377 255
Average size of purchase order USD 3,065 USD 2,569 USD 1,971
Total number of vendors 272 209 159
Number of procurement staff 1 1 1



Several improvements in our IT infrastructure and software were made during 2012, giving us increased security and greater ability to access data from outside office. We improved our hardware efficiency by implementing Hardware Virtualization and also boosted internet access speeds.


The IT staff have also been enabled to work from outside the office and from home, a new policy which will be implemented in 2013, as they continue to support our operations.


Kemitraan’s five-year Strategic Plan, beginning in 2012, required that our organization be restructured and that we revitalize our human resources strategy. The change process began early in 2012 by redefining the organizational structure, roles and job descriptions, placing the existing staff within the new structure and then recruiting new staff to fill the remaining positions. This process is now complete and Kemitraan has appointed two new program directors, four senior advisors, seven program managers and three new managers to our operations department: grant manager, IT manager, HR manager, mostly from internal candidates.

Staff Category 2012 2011 2010
Core Staff 37 35 37
Project Staff 50 48 30
Field Project Staff 22 27 0
Total 109 110 67


Qualification 2007 2008 2009
Master Degree 25 22 12
PhD Degree 8 8 9
Women staff – percent of total 67.69 48.18 43.2