Knowledge Resource Center (KRC)

The Partnership has been at the forefront of governance reform at both national and local level, throughout Indonesia. Because of this we are often asked to generate and influence the discourse on issues in Indonesia.


The Governance Knowledge & Resource Centre provides strategic information and advice necessary for policy analysis like the Partnership Governance Index. It also cultivates intelligent and well-informed discourse on governance related issues and disseminates good practices pertaining to good governance to as widely a significant audience as possible.


With the Governance Knowledge and Resource Centre, the Partnership now also acts as a research centre, resource centre and hub or node for governance related discourse.


As a research center, KRC’s mandate is to develop, review and update governance indices in Indonesia on an annual basis. Instruments to measure governance performance across all levels of government ranging from district, provincial and central have been developed.


Governance indices serve as a barometer to measure the progress (or lack of progress) of the adoption of good governance principles and practices in the provinces of Indonesia. The KRC consolidates the findings of these indices and shares them with both national and international audiences.


The KRC develops scientific analysis of whether or not the work of governance stakeholders in Indonesia is yielding positive impacts and to reveal where the gaps are. The goals of KRC are to include consolidate existing studies on governance assessment, developing and designing research on governance assessment in Indonesia, conducting governance assessment and making a ranking system for the practice of good governance in Indonesia, and establishing a governance resource center in Indonesia.