Good Governance



Fulfillment of the basic rights of the people

· Observance of economic, cultural and civil rights
· Protection of the rights of the disadvantaged
· Freedom of expression
· Freedom of the press


Consolidated democracy 

· Fair and free elections 
· Compliance with election results 
· Non-violent resolution of political disputes and problems 
· Public participation in decision-making 
· Transparent government 
· Accountable elected officials 


Reliable state security 

· Responsive and accountable law enforcement agencies 
· Sufficient state budget for security 
· A professional military answerable to civil society 


Accessible justice 

· Affordable and accountable justice systems 
· Compliance with international codes 
· Availability of cultural mechanisms for dispute resolution 


Decentralized governance 

· Incorporation of local aspirations 
· Autonomous local government 
· Fiscal capability of local governments 


Accountable and effective civil service systems 

· Transparency in policymaking 
· Efficient public service systems and delivery 
· Non-corrupt, responsive and professional civil service 


Engagement of state, market and civil society 

· Involvement of private sector and civil society in economic policymaking 
· Acknowledgment and protection of property rights 
· Fair market competition 
· Empowerment of small to medium enterprises 
· Market friendly rules and regulations 
· Fair protection of labor 


**The Partnership embraces these governance indicators as guiding principles and validating tools for the purpose of formulating and monitoring program activities and strategic direction.