Executive Director

Monica Tanuhandaru is the new elected as seventh Executive Director of the Partnership in October 2014. She was previously Officer in Charge – Country Manager United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Indonesia (UNODC). At the same institution, she served as Program Coordinator for the Project Support Indonesia’s Fights Against Corruption, a program to support KPK (Indonesian Anti Corruption Commission), law enforcement agencies, Indonesian National Police (POLRI), AGO, FIU, BPK, National Planning Agency and civil society in combatting corruption, a cooperation supported by the European Union and Norwegian Government. 
She was a Consultant to Indonesian National Police and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, on the improvement of police integrity, accountability, transparency and oversight mechanism in 2010, and Program Coordinator, in a six-year police reform and security sector reform program of International Office for Migration (IOM) and Indonesian National Police, a nation-wide program funded by the Dutch Government and the European Commission, a fundamental support to the Indonesia National Police reform process and Aceh peace process (2004-2010)