Core Values


  1. Partnership staff will work with honesty, integrity and dedication.
  2. Partnership staff holds themself accountable to all stakeholders in Governance Reform in Indonesia.
  3. Partnership staff will make every effort to manifest the Partnership as an example of Good Governance.
  4. Partnership staff will not discriminate against race, gender, religion, physical or mental ability, sexual preference and national or ethnic origin.
  5. Partnership staff will respect any culture or custom that is consistent with human rights.
  6. Partnership staff will adopt an inclusive and open minded approach and disclose all available information to anyone with an interest in Governance Reform in Indonesia.
  7. Partnership staff will not accept any financial or other favors from any party which may cause potential conflict of interest with Partnership’s policies and or adversely affect the integrity, independence and impartiality of the staff.
  8. The conduct of their duty will not provide extra source of income for Partnership staff, such as travel, writing or speaking assignments related to the Partnership. Expenses related to the conduct of duty will be reimbursed using Partnership’s standards.
  9. Partnership staff will at all times exercise the greatest prudence in the use of the Partnership’s resources;
  10. Partnership staff will be open to review their performance against this code of conduct.


In performing their duties, the Partnership staff is guided by the following nine core values:
  1. Integrity: being independent, impartial and honest.
  2. Respect: treating everyone with courtesy, dignity and respect.
  3. Leadership: modeling and promoting fairness, equity, clarity, innovation and consistency and becoming an agent of change and excellence.
  4. Empowerment: giving technical support and funds to encourage the continuousl implementation of Governance Reform through commitment to leadership and changing the internal culture of the Organization.
  5. Continuous Learning: promoting and encouraging continuous learning for staff, authorities and the public by comparison with standards of Global Good Practice.
  6. Cooperation: using cooperation, empathy and goodwill in all our work.
  7. Equality: promoting equality, inclusion and access for all, regardless of such factors as size of organization, gender, physical or mental ability, race, national or ethnic origin, religion, region and dialect within the chosen priority areas.
  8. Teamwork: combining the diversity of experience and talent of people who have a unity of purpose and commitment to success.
  9. Professionalism: providing best quality services consistently through a customer-oriented service approach.