Civil Societies Innovating Together - Component 2 (IKAT 2): Effectiveness of Regional Partnerships on Advancing Democracy, Good Governance, and Human Rights

Brief Overview

Realizing the importance of the strategic necessity to form partnerships to regionally expand the advancement of democracy and respect for human rights, and realizing the important role of Indonesian CSO’s, the IKAT US is designed to promote partnerships among Indonesian, U.S., and third-country or regional CSOs to expand and deepen the sharing of Indonesia’s experience and expertise in the region. Within the above context, other than conducting the effort as set in IKAT 1, Kemitraan is also selected by USAID as the partnership support organization to provide a comprehensive assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of the IKAT US model, and to establish a resource center by which members of the IKAT US regional partners can share knowledge, experience, best practices and lessons learned.

Component 2 provides support for the Component 1 regional partnerships, to ensure their effectiveness and sustainability, particularly regarding the capability of Indonesian civil society organizations (CSOs)to manage and implement cross-border programs with multiple regional partners. Component 2 also provides policy recommendations to the U.S. Government regarding the viability of the regional partnership model as a strategy for advancing democracy and promoting good governance. In order to achieve these goals, Component 2: develops an IKAT-U.S. website to facilitate information-sharing among partners; distills lessons learned from all of the Component 1 partnerships, and disseminates these lessons to all partners; hosts annual conferences that bring together the Indonesian, U.S. and Southeast Asian partner CSOs from all partnerships to share experiences and lessons learned as well as coordinate their program activities; and assiststhe U.S. Government with evaluating the IKAT-U.S. initiative as a whole.


Main Achievements/Milestones

In the first two years, this program has successfully hosted the first and second annual conferences of IKAT-U.S. partners, attended by approximately 80 representatives of 50 Indonesian, American and Southeast Asian CSOs. The first conference was officially opened by Maria Otero, the United States’ Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs. Allof the partners learned more about each other’s programs and explored potential cross-partnership collaboration to enhance their work. Kemitraan has also conducted a baseline study to capture the dynamics of partnership initiation and development, including the types and degree of partnership as well as a gap analysis and common needs. This baseline study has been accompanied by two reports reviewing and synthesizing lessons learned from the six Component 1 partnerships.The program also developed and launched the IKAT-U.S. web-based knowledge resource center.


Project name :

Civil Societies Innovating Together - Component 2 (IKAT 2): Effectiveness of Regional Partnerships on Advancing Democracy, Good Governance, and Human Rights

Source of funds : United States of America
Project duration : April 2011 – October 2014
Geographical focus : Southeast Asia (especially Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Timor Leste, and Cambodia)
Implementing partners :

Perhimpunan Pengembangan Media Nusantara (PPMN), International Foundation for Electoral System (IFES), American Bar Association-Rule of Law Initiative (ABA-ROLI) National Democratic Institute (NDI), Indonesian Women’s Coalition (KPI), Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (EMPOWER) Malaysia, Women’s Caucus Timor Leste, The Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR), and the Center for Popular Empowerment Philippines

Beneficiaries : NGOs, CSOs, media, community, women
Responsible KemitraanOfficer : Siti Ismah Afwan
Email :
Responsible Kemitraan Unit : Democratic & Justice Governance (DJG)