Building Authoritative Local Agencies through Network Capacity Enhancement (BALANCE)

Brief Overview

One of the key factors to attain effective implementation of decentralization is the level of capacity and competency of the government, both at central as well as local level, in which in fact has been very limited until now. On the other hand, the society that is expected to play significant role in the decentralization has yet to have sufficient knowledge and awareness upon their rights and obligation as a citizen as well as do not have adequate access to carry out control against the government.

Based on those problematic situation, Kemitraan supports the effort to improve the above condition by facilitating as follows: (1) enhancing the capacity and competency of the central government institutions (Ministry of Home Affairs) to formulate, implement and evaluate the policy of decentralization, (2) enhancing the capacity and competency of the local government institutions to create sound local regulation, and (3) enhancing the capacity and competency of the society to actively involve in the implementation of regional governance. To specifically respond to the above objectives, Kemitraan focuses on facilitating the consolidation and harmonization of rules and regulations on decentralization, and enhancing institutional capacities of Central and Local Governments.


Main Achievements/Milestones

Kemitraan cooperated with Ministry of Home Affairs/PUM in reviewing the implementation of Government Regulation 38/2007 to speed up the regulation concerning the governor as representative of central government in the regions. Kemitraan alaso initiated a review of Government Regulation 38/2007 on the Authorities of Central Government and Local Government, with the Independent Team of the National Bureaucratic Reform Team.


Project name : Building Authoritative Local Agencies through Network Capacity Enhancement (BALANCE)
Source of funds : the Netherlands, Denmark
Project duration : January 2011 – December 2013
Geographical focus : National
Implementing partners :

Ministry of Home Affairs, Independent Team – Bureaucratic Reform, IPDN, JPP, UGM

Beneficiaries : MoHA, LAN, Bappenas, State Ministry of Administrative Reform, Local Government (Provinces/Regencies/Municipalities), Local NGOs, Universities, and Press
Responsible KemitraanOfficer : Cucu Suryaman
Position : Program Manager
Email :
Responsible Kemitraan Unit : Decentralization, Bureaucratic and Public Service Governance (DBRPSG)